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BitBounce Ads - Email Campaigns That Convert
Email Inbox

BitBounce helps millions of people take control of their email by setting a paywall for messages sent from unknown senders.

BitBounce Ads helps you connect with this audience via paid email marketing campaigns that convert.

Millions of Technologically Savvy Users

The BitBounce community is a young, connected and engaged group of global users eager to learn more about new products, causes, launches, and events.

BitBounce Users
  • High interest in technology, financial products, employment, education, entertainment and blockchain
  • Strong affinity for the cryptocurrency and blockchain space
  • Connected on mobile and desktop
  • Millions of users globally
  • 66% Male, 34% Female
  • 72% of users are under the age of 35

Why Paid Emails?

Why Paid Emails?

Problem: Email remains one of the best converting marketing channels. However, users are overwhelmed by the constant amount of promotional materials they receive every day.

Solution: BitBounce Paid Emails solve this problem by compensating users to view specific advertising emails. BitBounce Paid Emails automatically enter the top of the recipient’s email inbox, bypassing the spam and promotional folders. 70% of the marketing spend is then passed on to the customer, leading to higher engagement and brand equity when compared with other advertising channels.

How It Works

  • Target Your Customers

    Reach millions of passionate users in the technology and cryptocurrency space. Geo-targeting by country and engagement optimization are included at no additional cost.

  • Craft Your Campaign

    BitBounce Ad Campaigns are incredibly powerful, yet simple to set up. Create and refine your Paid Email easily in the BitBounce Ads Platform.

  • Measure Your Success

    BitBounce Ads dashboard tracks your campaign stats in real-time, including impressions, engagements, and conversions.

More Impressions

Your Paid Emails are delivered to users on 3 different platforms: directly in the user’s email inbox, BitBounce web dashboard, BitBounce mobile app.

  • Email Inbox
    Email Inbox
  • Dashboard
    BitBounce Dashboard
  • Mobile App
    Mobile App

“Anyone using BitBounce is paying you to reach you, everyone else is spamming you.”

Stewart Dennis, Co-Founder & CEO of BitBounce

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